Monday, August 06, 2007

My Faith

I’m surprised how many students voluntary read on their own. I stopped and talked with a few kids in the neighborhood and they told me they often go to the library to read a few books. That’s awesome. As a youth minister I encourage kids to grow (in faith) on their own. With is why I am trying to introduce Christian books for students to read. Early in the year I read The Naked Truth and suggested it to a student. I was surprised when she returned the book to me just three weeks later and said it was really helpful. I knew then should try to read more books for students to read on their own. I just finished the next student book, My Faith co-written by Kurt Johnston & Mark Oestreicher. I’m hoping the student’s will have a connection with Mark O because he spoke at last year’s CIY Believe conference. The book is a basic guide of Christianity written for the middle school student. It’s a great book for a kid that’s just been baptized. I found their seven chapters of God’s big story to be a very creative way to tell the full story of God in a short amount of time. The seven chapters are: creation, crisis, calling, conversation, Christ, community, commencement. The book is a good read for middle school students and maybe even for youth workers that would like to expand their vernacular when teaching to student.