Monday, July 13, 2009

A Thought

It is amazing how God dispenses Truth. I was reading for classs a chapter titled “Deal With Your Irrational Mind.” It states that there are two impulses behind human irrationally. They are…

1. Human Egocentrism – the natural tendency “to view everything within the world in relationship to oneself, to be self-centered.” (Webster’s New World Dictionary)

2. Human Sociocentrism – Simply think of group egocentrism. The natural tendency to view everything within the world in relationship to one’s group – to be group-centered.

Then I read a paragraph that made me sit down to blog it word for word…

In short, people are either born into or join groups. They then egocentrically indentify with those groups. They rarely dissent. They rarely think for themselves. They rarely notice their own conformity and irrationally. Humans seek what is in their selfish interests and see the world from the perspectives of the groups to which they belong. Both egocentric and sociocentric though represent enormous barriers to the development of rational thought. This is true, in part, because these two tendencies in the mind appear to the mind as perfectly rational. Unless we fully understand these tendencies and fight to combat them, we can never full develop a rational, autonomous, fair-minded thinker.

“Father in Heaven...May your Church be perfectly united in it’s mission but never become so selfabsorbed that it becomes sociocentric...Amen."