Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Conservative's Lack of Humility

After watching Matt Lauer’s interview with Ann Coulter, I am reminded once again of the fundamental flaw of those that like their politics conservative…a lack of humility.

I consider myself conservative when it comes to politics. I like my government small and pay fewer taxes. I voted for McCain in ‘08, not that he is conservative, but because he is more conservative than Barack Obama. I listen to Rush Limbaugh on the AM dial as often as I can. I think he has many great things to say. I think he is by-in-large right about the political atmosphere in the U.S. I think Ann Coulter is right on many issues. However, simply because one is right does not provide one the license to be a rude and arrogant. How can you not watch this video and think, “What a b*&!#h?”

Obama may have won the election on the platform of “change” but I think he won because of humility. Young people are drawn to humility. I am drawn to humility. Thus, the lack of Conservative humility pushed many to vote the other way. Conservatives lost because they appear to be angry, judgmental, arrogant people.

Until the Convective voice learns to humble itself, it will be a long time until they regain any political power.