Sunday, August 24, 2008

Personal Update

Class starts this week. With a touch of anxiety and excitement, I am ready to get this thing started. When my class schedule came in mail last month I felt like an 18 year kid. My classes are all introductory courses and at the age of 31 is seems I should be past such things. It may sound silly but I look forward the 80 plus mile round trip commute that I will be making twice a week. Why? To resume my pod cast listening. I miss it.

I still plan to work general construction as I study. I’ve been learning a lot. We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel, a project I have never participated before. I have learned how to “fur” walls, do some electrical work, and some framing...stuff I will use sometime in the future.

Emily started her volleyball season this past week. They won twice and lost once. The team is muched improved from last year's team. I have resumed my reasonability to keep the score book, a task I enjoy thoroughly.

Today we visited a church that showed promise of our future involvement. (See HERE) We have visited many churches, and I have enjoyed each of their services, but few have shown ligament potential. I hope to continue visit other churches, maybe even as far as Lafayette. The search continues.

The closing ceremonies are concluding the Olympics as I type. I have enjoyed this games and am disappointed to see them go.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Daily Show Game

Here's a fun game for youth groups all over our land.