Monday, May 15, 2006

Reading has never been one of strong suites. It’s too slow going for me to be an avider reader. I thank God of pod casts and churches that stream their sermons over the net. These have kept me challenged and updated on the trends in the Kingdom. But I can not neglect the old fashion discipline of reading.

Whether it was from God or an act of impulsive internet shopping, I bought four books from Amazon. I walked into a Christian crap store…I mean book store…and stumbled on a book that I actually wanted to read (Amazing!!!) Then I went to the Core youth ministry seminar and bought three YS books at a really good price. Now I have a pile of eight books to get through. I hope to have them done by the summer.

Yet the point reading is to chew on the content. I could read a book within a week if I really tried but I doubt if I would get much out of them. So it is my intention that I will use this blog as a way to journal my thought about my readings. Maybe the combination of the reading and journaling will spark a fruit into my faith. Or maybe it will divide me even future from the people I minister with/to. Maybe it will bring me closer to these people.

Gotta Read.

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