Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Final Thoughts On Backpacking Trip '05

I have a few more pictures to come in but my trail journal is finished for the most part. Go to www.trailjournals.com/popcorn or click on the link “Trailjournals” to the right of this blog. Once there, find the journal for October 25. The next six days cover my trip. Be sure to click on “photos” on the left of the screen to see some great pics.

I thought I would be best to withhold my closing thoughts until the journal was completed. It was a great trip. I thank God for giving me the ability and resources to go on such an adventure. The highlight of the trip was having my friend Ruben with me the whole time. I typically hike by myself but having a good friend with me made the experience a thousand times better. Ruben, thanks for hiking at my pace and for putting up with me when I was a grouch.

Some life lessons learned:
• Pain should not stop you from pursing your goals. Things hurt but you have to keep going.
• Go at my own pace. People might beat me to the goal but I will make it there eventually.
• The less baggage you have the more flexible and enjoyable life becomes. Things weight you down. Learn to do with less or without. Posted by Picasa