Monday, October 30, 2006

It's A Good Day To Be A Roofer

It’s the first day back (from my vacation) in the office and I would simply rather be somewhere else: in a big town, on a hiking trail, swinging a hammer, working at Wal-Mart. I hope it has everything to do with the tragic death of West Central student of Cody Heims. Cody was an occasionally participant of our youth programs, involved just enough to associate a face with his name. I’m sure I took him home a few times after the 5th Quarter. He was a real likeable guy.

Due to the accident taking place early Sunday morning, the news of Cody death was given at church. I had to tell some of the high school students in person of the news including a really good friend. Throughout the day I heard that students were gathering in homes around the community. I wanted to be there for them but felt I would be intruding on a gathering I was not invited to. Looking back, maybe I should have gone. Then again, maybe I did the right thing.

This morning, the day after the accident, the local ministers gathered at school to help any way possible. I’m not sure if we helped at all but at least we administered the ministry a presences (simply being there). The students seemed to take the news very well. Most had already heard of the news which eased the mood of the students.

The cause of the accident is not official. Rumors are flying around, which might be true but are unworthy to mention. One thing is truth, a young life has ended and my heart is heavy toward a group of Sr. High students that have experienced the reality of death too many times.

Today would be a good day to be a roofer in a big city.

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