Monday, November 27, 2006

A Blog Encouragement

Youth ministry and doubt go hand in hand. On any given Wednesday I can feel confident and the very next day my spirit can as insecure as a middle school boy around the school hotie. Here are some questions this youth minister asks on a regular basis: Is this really worth it?
Am I a fraud? Can adolescents be a follower of Christ? Are people listening? Is it time to move on?

Don’t read too much into these questions. If a minister (or even a Christian for that matter) claimed not to have some of these questions I would look them in eye and call them a liar. They are lying to me or to themselves and ultimately God.

I just read a youth minister’s blog that shared some encouraging data. (Click here to read the blog.) It reviewed research done by the University of Illinois at urban Champaign. The research basically states that of all the organized activates teens participate in, faith-based youth groups provide the highest rate of personal and interpersonal growth.

I was encouraged. You should read it.

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