Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Naked Truth

A few weeks ago I attended the National Youth Worker’s Conference put on by Group publishing. (It was a worth while event.) One of the speakers was Lakita Garth, a national speaker on the subject on sexual abstinence. She had brand new book that was “fresh off the press” and I could buy a copy for just $10. Sex is a subject that very few in the church will go into depth to make a meaningful connection. So I purchased this book to help my teaching.

The book is called The Naked Truth About Sex, Love, and Relationships. The basis of the book is that we (culture) has accepted a-many-of-things as “a lie in truth’s clothing.” Many “lies” are exposed in a new and fresh light. For example, Garth believes that peer pressure does not exist; that it serves as an excuse when students lack character. I think she is right. Garth attacked the difficult subject of co-habitation; a subject that the church typically has nothing intelligent to share. Pre-material sex is the biggest part of the book. It’s a good read for Christian teachers and even for students.

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