Thursday, February 08, 2007

Through Painted Deserts

I started to read Through Painted Deserts last October on my vacation to east TN. I read just three chapters while I was away and never continued until ten days ago. It’s basically a record of a long road trip from Houston, TX to Oregon in a worn down VW bus. After all of the mechanical problems, people meet, and side treks they realize they have been on a spiritual pilgrimage as God has guided them every moment of the journey.

The quote that I remember the most likely had very little to do with the over all scheme of the book. It came early in the book, which means I read it four months ago, but it struck of never of truth. It read…

When you build a city near no mountains and no oceans, you get materialism and traditional religion. People have too much time and lack inspiration.

Hum…I think he is on to something.

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