Wednesday, February 20, 2008

JBC Homecoming

The first night of JBC’s Homecoming has come and gone. It is good to be back on campus and it is good to be back in East Tennessee. On the way down I stopped at the Museum of Appalachia only for it to be closing. Having driven past the musem’s road signs for 15 years I thought to stop to see what it was about and judge if students would like walking through it. I’m coming back down with a group of students next month.

Last night’s homecoming session went very well. I was somewhat surprised by the amount of contemporary worship music. The homecoming crowd is on the traditional side. Jeff Walling gave a very impactful message. Using Luke’s account of Jesus being anointed by the sinful woman (Luke 7:36ff)l, Walling spoke about passion; the passion of being right verse the passion of falling before Christ. Very good message

I’m staying with some college friends. They rented a very spacious cabin about 30 minutes away for the college. We played a game of Monopoly before going to bed. I lost.

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Museum of Appalachia said...

Hi Chad-
Sorry to hear we were closing when you came by last week. The Museum of Appalachia is a wonderful, historical museum highlighting the people and history of Appalachia. Please let us know when you will be bringing your students. We can offer a student/group rate. We also have a gift shop & small restaurant available too. Please call 865-494-7680 or e-mail
Hope to see you soon!
Jane Kirk
Marketing Director
Museum of Appalachia