Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Reveal - Intro

I have long believed that we church leaders (not just at FCC) pay too much attention to numbers. Reveal opened with this very issue. “For as long as anyone can remember, the only question we knew to ask about the church was, ‘How many?’”
• Decisions for Christ?
• Baptisms?
• Members?
• Attend each weekend?
• Tithe?
• Are in small groups?
• Actively serve?
It went on to say, “’But how many?’ – by itself – doesn’t completely address what the church is called to do. That question is a good start, but it measures only what we see. When it comes to spiritual growth, we need to be able to measure the unseen. We need a glimpse of people's attitudes, thoughts and feelings. We need words that reveal the heart of each person. We want o know what moves them at the deepest levels.”