Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jack Johnson

For an early birthday present, my awesome wife and stepdaughter took me to the Jack Johnson concert. was calling for 75% chance of strong storms but we made the long trip to Verizon Wireless in Indy anyway. The ground was a little wet (we had lawn tickets) but the rains held up. It was a perfect summer night for a great show. Thanks Rae & Em for a great b-day present! (Give me a few weeks and I will posting some youtube clips of the show.)I had an interesting conversion with a friendly guy from Ohio that made me think how Jesus would have reacted. The conversion went like…

Ohio: “You a big Jack fan?”

Me: “I wouldn’t say big but I enjoy his music.”

Ohio: “Right on. Hey do you smoke?” (He said “smoke” is such a way that smoke could have referred to somethng other than tobacco.)

Me: “Not really.”

Ohio: “Do you mind if we do?”

Me: “I don’t mind.”

Ohio: “Cool, because I didn’t want to be rude.” (At least he was polite.)

Later on in the concert his party smoked a little tobacco and a little some’n else.

Now here’s my thought, how would Jesus respond such a request? Leave a comment on how you think Jesus would have responded? (And let’s not include, “Jesus wouldn’t be at a Jack Johnson concert!” for I have little doubt that he would have gone.)


Emily Boehning said...

i think the big JC would be a huge Jack Johnson fan :)

logan wuethrich said...

right on emily

i think that "the big JC" would have told them about himself and how even though they might of already sinned that they can still be baptised and be forgivin of their sins
Acts 8:22
Repent of this and pray to the Lord he will forgive you for having such a thought in your heart

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