Saturday, June 07, 2008

Meet Reggie McNeal

During my blog reading (click HERE to read) I came across a video that I would like to pass along. Reggie McNeal addressed a crowd of Reformed church leaders talking about a change taking place in the Kingdom. This was my first introducing to McNeal. It seems he's associated with Fuller Theological Seminary. I doubt if he would consider himself an emerging Christian but he spoke of a missional faith, a faith that is growing in so many. The video is 45 min. long but worth it. Leave a comment and tell me something that you found meaningful.

Let me share one meaningful nugget. McNeal suggested that the first church was slim ply following where the Spirit had been. There was no way the first Jewish Christians could have though God was interested in the Gentiles. In a way, they were playing catch up always lagging a few paces behind. As I think about this in today's context, the church, no matter how hip or organized it might be, will always be playing catch up to where the Spirit has been. Some churches are on the Spirits heals but many of much futhrer behind. But is the church's job, however, to keep after where God is going.


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