Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thus Far in July

As you can clearly tell, I haven’t been blogging much. July has been busy thus far and I haven’t been online enough to read blogs let alone write them. So here is quick update.

1. My family came up on the 3rd to visit. This was an extra special occasion because my brother Scott made it up to F-ville for the first time. He brought his two daughters and wife Jamie. Mya, his oldest, seemed to enjoy being on a farm.

2. Emily did well in her 4H projects. One of her pigs received a second place in it’s class. She was 3rd in Recycling and 3rd or 4th in photography. (My apologize to you 4Hers for not know the proper terminology of ranking…I get them mixed up.)

3. A few weeks ago I started to work with a general contractor in my community. He does a verity of jobs for businesses and homeowners. We spent this week re-roofing a house. Guys that are seriously out of shape and 40lbs over weight would be wise to stay off a roof in the middle of July. But I’m a fool with no other job so I’m on the roof sweating buckets. It’s good to have a job that allows me to be outside. (I’ve got a good tan while working). It’s good to have a physical job for awhile. Ministry was making me soft.

Till next time. Peace (as in the peace of Christ)


Anonymous said...

Just when I was about to start harassing you for not keeping your blog updated....good to hear you are doing well. Sounds like marriage has made you a busy man!

mike oles said...


I found your blog by googling "doug pagitt" and indiana.

anyway, doug and tony jones and mark scandrette will be in indy on august 4 for the church basement roadshow.

if you can make it down to indy, we'd love to have you there!

logan wuethrich said...

finally you added something. speaking of roofing, ive been helping jeremy glasford with his roof

Chad French said...

Hey Logan! I've been waiting for a phone call from Jermey to help him out on his roof. Never got the call. Did he finish it?

logan wuethrich said...

sup chad, we didn't finish yet we still have his garage to do. sorry i haven't seen your comment because our computer broke
talk to you later

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