Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekly Update

A new week is about to start. Thought I would jot down a few things that have been going on in my little world.

1. School starts in about a month. I’m really looking forward to throw myself into something other than ministry. There were things that I absolutely loved about church work but there were other thing that simply drove me completely insane. Even as I work on a hot roof, I still think about the nutty things that went along with ministry. It will good to get my mind thinking about something other than church work.

2. I hate the term “church shopping” simply because of the consumerist overtones it takes on..which is one things I dislike about the modern church. But the realty is, my family has been shopping for a new church. Thus far we have visited three churches in the area and I visited one by myself. All have been very friendly and welcoming. I have about four more churches in our area that I would like to visit. I have really enjoyed visiting other churches. Finding a new church family takes time and there is a strong possibility that we will never find one in or around Francesville.

3. My sister Angie burnt me an audio CD for my birthday. The band is Fleet Foxes and she tells me they are blowing up in the local scene Seattle. I just got around listening to it. Sounds like good “chill” music.

4. I started a book by Scot McKnight called A Community Called Atonement. The premise of the book is to explore the variety of layers of the theological theories of the atonement. I know...sounds boring but it find McKnight’s writing very practical for today’s church. Here are few quotes that I have underlined.

o“...the atonement is only understood when it is understood as the restoration of humans – in all directions – so they form a society (the church) wherein God’s will is lived out and given freedom to transform all of life.”

o“Any atonement theory that thinks exclusively of earth is inadequate, just as any theory that shifts too much of eternity is also inadequate.”

o“Atonement is not just something done to us and for us, it is something we participate in – in this world, in the here and now.”

Keep growing. Peace.


logan wuethrich said...

i don't quite know if i like the fleet foxes yet. they seem like a hippie band. there music sooths your soul, man.


logan wuethrich said...

hey chad, if you have time, check out this on youtube


Chad French said...

Logan...I just watche your fish'isode on youtube. I love you man but you are a freak. Now what is the phone number to the Humane Society?






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