Friday, March 10, 2006

Japan Day 1

Location – Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport
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My journey began with a stop at my brother Scott’s house the night before we flew out. He invited us over for dinner. It was good to see Scott, Jamie, and Mya (she sure is growing.) The meal was a tasty pot-roast with fixings that Dad and I enjoyed. Brock did not join us because he had serious flue like symptoms. It appears he has slept it off which is most fortunate.

We woke up at 4:00 a.m. and Dad dropped us off at the airport at 5:00. We left Indy on time but Dallas was been a different story. A malfunction in the refueling system forced us to sit and wait on the plane for an est. 90 minutes. We eventually had to unload the plane, wait another two hours, and board another plane. The air line gave everyone a $12 food voucher to use anywhere in the airport terminal. We were not very hungry because we had a large lunch at TGI Friday’s before we boarded but we hated to see $12 each go to waist. We went into an Irish Bar/Restaurant for a plate of hot wings which we very tasty.

(Later) We are finally off the ground and are 10,761 km/6,687miles away from Osaka, Japan. Later in the flight a meal was severed. It was much better that what I expected. I noticed the Japanese passengers picking up their dishes to their mouth as they ate. Thanks to Angie, I had some heads up on this practice so I did it myself. I liked it. It kept the food off of my shirt.

I’m taking the book Blue Like Jazz for Angie. I’ve been reading it. Once again I have been encouraged by a young writer/leader that speaks in a fresh new vernacular and is not afraid to give an honest account of the Christian faith. Christianity doesn’t always add up and if it does, then your Christianity is too small. If God makes perfect sense then your God is too small for he is too big to be fully understood. It’s assuring to know that leaders can have big gaps in their faith yet still be used by God. I wonder why we would think otherwise.

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