Friday, March 17, 2006

Japan Day 7

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This morning was the most relaxed morning we have had of the trip. Angie had to work today and Brock and I were on our own. We ventured off on borrowed bicycles into town. We rode down a canal that was apart of a community park. We came across a Japanese version of Frisbee golf only they used a club and a badminton birdie. It looked like a lot of fun. We continued our bike ride into town stopping at a convenience store for something to drink and then at a hardware store simply to see inside which was practically everything you would find in the States.

We made it back to Angie’s apartment then began to pack our belongings for the long journey home. As I packed, I felt a scenes of sadness. I would be gone very soon. These people that Angie live with have been the most gracious and generous people I have ever met. No favor was too much. They greeted us with open arms and spared no expense. I would have liked to know them better. I would like to thank them some how for being such wonderful hosts to their country. But the time has come for us to make the journey home.

From Angie’s we went south to the city of Fukuoka to spend our last night in Japan. Brock was looking forward to going to a club called The Happy Cox. We arrived about 11:00. The crowd was very subdued but as the night progressed the party livened up. Unfortunately for me, clubs are not my thing. I’m not the type to dance with strangers, especially to those I can not speak with. Needless to say I wasn’t the life of the party. However, I did enjoy watching the people. There where a lot of bad dancers and it wasn’t because they were drunk. They were just bad (but not all.) It was obvious that the girls did not want to be touched. They didn’t mind dancing with people but they became very uncomfortable when the guys (mainly U.S. military persons) would dance too physical.

As the evening went on Angie could tell I was ready to leave. Brock and Angie graciously walked me back to the hotel. I went to bed. They went back to the club.

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