Saturday, December 09, 2006

I Got One

With the deer season finished I went out bird hunting for the first time this season. I grabbed my gun and my dog Duke then went out. Duke is not a hunting dog but I wanted to see what he would do. As predicted, he did a lot of nothing. He minded well, not getting to far ahead and coming back when I called. He did help me cover more territory that might have flushed out game but he does not have the instincts to be a hunting dog. I’ll take him hunting with me none-the-less. I kicked up two large covey of quail and to my surprise I got one. I saw it fall and ran to the spot. I could hear it flap it’s wings but then it stopped. I looked for nearly two minutes with no success. We were near a road and Duke wanted to go across it into someone’s yard. After calling he didn’t come. I went over to grab him, dragged him to my side the road, I looked down in the grass and saw two feathers, then a little blood, and quail bird. I was more proud of harvesting that bird than I did of my deer. Hopefully we will go sometime next week.