Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Morgans

The journey to Mr. Morgan’s funeral was long but well worth the effort. The funeral of this great man was a celebration of hard work, investing in others, and a simple faith that had an extraordinary impact in the Kingdom. I was reminded of how blessed I am for being part the JBC family and for being one of the few students of my era to have known the Morgans. Memories of fried eggs at Homecoming, conversations of UT football, cans of diet Coke-a-Cola, and the unending number of stories told raced through my mind as the day ran its course.

Perhaps my personal highlight (and there were many) was at the grave site. I approached Mrs. Eubanks to simply greet her. She gave me a huge, thanked me for coming, and said, “Chad, you were one of his boys.” Being one of the Morgan’s “boys” is a very special honor. To be called a Morgan “boy” was a rite earned by much sweat and hard work on the basketball court or on one of his work crews. I’m not sure if I earned that rite but I am proud of being a boy of a Morgan boy (Dad). Then again maybe I was one of their boys. Maybe I was the very last. If that be true then what an honor.

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