Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Prophet

Thursday’s in the office are typically laid back. Youth meetings are over with nothing too urgent to prepare, so I used my time to do some reading. I’ve been in Brain McLaren’s book, “The Story We Find Ourselves In” for a while now and I would like to finish it by next week.

I’m reading along and on the 78th page I read...

“The prophets where very different. They were an odd and special breed. They had no credentials except their own charisma and courage and refusal to be ignored. They are seized with a passion from God to convey a message from God. Often they confronted the people about moral and ethical failures – oppressing the poor, forgetting widows and orphans, that sort of thing. The prophets cried for justice and genuineness, and would confront hypocrisy wherever it appeared – including in the powerful.”

This is a subpoint to his book but McLaren has helped me understand that a part of my spiritual DNA is that of a modern day prophet (not just in this book but in others). We are odd guys that many do not understand. And like the prophets of old, their voices are often marginalized, ignored, and misunderstood. They believe they were sent from God to speak a message from God to his people. That’s a big part of who I am.

I wonder what my church would think about that? But that's another blog entery.

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I feel that Chad. I work in Applebee's here at home and it's not a church environment. But I am very comfortable with being there and working and loving those people. It's very exciting and grueling to be a christian in that environment, but very rewarding.