Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Good Day

A few blog worthy events took place today.

1. E.B. had an indoor track meet today a Purdue University. 35 high schools were represented from nearly every corner of the state, one of which was my home school of Ben Davis. Track & Field is pretty chaotic on a normal day but things ran very smoothly. I have no idea who won or lost but it was enjoyable to watch.

2. As I attended the indoor meet I began to think about how athletics effects youth ministry. This image appeared in my mind.
(ht to Swerve)
This diagram could be true of anything in life. There comes a point when excellences is not worth the time or money.

3. Rae and I had dinner with my parent. We went to the TX Roadhouse. It was our first meal together since Rae and I announced our engagement. I asked Mom to help with a few things with the wedding so she had a few question. I asked Dad to perform the ceremony so he had a few questions of his own. It was a very enjoyable and encouraging time.

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