Sunday, March 23, 2008

Check it Out.

The evidence is every where. The face of Christianity is changing. Click HERE to read an interesting article from the Indianapolis Star. It can even be seen in our military. Read HERE.

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Stacey Renee said...

Thanks for reading our blog... well, it's mine really.. but since Brandon is the other half of my soul...I suppose I can call it 'our' blog. Congrats on the wedding... and the whole denim thing sounds fun! You both remain in our prayers as you venture into this WILD ADVENTURE called Marriage!! We looove it and have had fun since day one!!

We'll catch up with you once we have settled in... and by the time we do settle in.. Y'all will be Mr. & Mrs.! So, you can always come stay with us for the weekend and go to our church!! Come stay at the Wilhite Bed & Breakfast! I'll make sure y'all get good Southern hospitality!! See you soon!!