Sunday, May 11, 2008

Week In Review

With just three weeks of being in “full time ministry” I know that my blogging habits will likely change significantly in the upcoming weeks. I still desire to keep this blog rolling, even if it’s just once a week. Maybe I could develop a Sunday night ritual of writing a week-in-review. So let me start tonight.
• I’ve been blown away by the number of conversations I’ve had this week were people have told me they have been reading my blog. They talked about my private information and it catches me off guard. I’m pumped you guys are reading. Thanks.
• I think one of best features about my blog is the box on the right called “Chad’s Shared Items.” This is a feature that Google Reader (GR) allows me to “share” interesting stuff that I have read from other blogs. Also, GR has just added a “comment” feature that allows me to make a comment about a blog entry that I am sharing. Simple go to the “Chad’s Shared Items,” clip on “Read More” in the bottom right hand corner, and read my comment about a blog post. FYI: Some of the stuff I share I do not agree with 100% so don’t flip out if you read something that offends you. We live in a complex, messy world. Embraces the messiness. You might find a part of God that you may have missed. If I share something, that means I found God in it. I hope you can find Him in it as well.
• Today is mother’s day. Rae, Em, and I meet my parents in Lafayette. Nothing says happy mother’s day like Texas Roadhouse. We had a lovely visit. Thanks Mom and Dad for making the drive up for a visit.


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