Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Nothing extraordinary happened yesterday but it was interesting none-the-less. I drove to Lafayette to the Christian book store for some preschool VBS material. After that I had a honey-do-list to knock out then went back to IVY Tech for a meeting with a Career Counselor and to take a math placement test.

The career counselor gave me the Myers Briggs test. It showed that I:
• Find energy in being Introverted
• Perceive life through institution vs. sensing
• Make judgments by thinking vs. feeling
• Prefer living life by perceiving situations instead of judging what may or may not happen.

This test suggested that people with my personality type are less likely to work in “religious professions.” (Now they tell me.) I have a hunch why guys like me have a difficult time working for churches but I’ll save that for another day.

The results of the math were no surprise. I didn’t do very well. My knowledge of pre-algebra skill helped me to score well but my algebra score stunk. I don’t feel too bad because I haven’t had a legitimate math class since ’96. I’ve been trading emails with an academic adviser all morning. He suggested me taking a basic algebra class.

Before leaving town I went to the Home Depot to buy Rae and I a gas grill with some of our wedding gift money. It’s huge and it’s beautiful. Stainless steal! I’m hoping to use it tonight.

I finished the day by helping the father-in-law in the fields. Half way through I stopped the tractor at the edge of the field to “take a leak.” I only mention that because at that moment I thought of Grandpa French. I have childhood memories of playing on the farm, running into the mechanic shed to find him peeing. Stupid…I know…but as I took care of my business of the edge of the field I thought “I’m sure Grandpa did this…he would be proud.” Stupid…I know. Another thought came to me, I wonder how many Ben Davis grads are running a tracker? It would guess none.

I forgot to mention that I bought a new iPod Nano to replace the one that just went out. Sweet.

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