Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Golden Compass

Rae and I watched the movie The Golden Compass in the theater last night. The preview alone caught my interest. It looked like a fantasy, “good vs. evil’ type of movie that is typically right up my ally. As the movie’s opening drew closer, Christian media began to criticize it before it was released. The Catholic League, not officially associated with the Catholic Church, condemned it in fear that the movie would hook kids into read the books of Philip Pullman (a self-proclaimed atheist). This controversy provided enough motivation for this youth minister to buy a ticket and form my own conclusion.

After watching the movie, I can honestly say that I would have never connected atheism to this movie unless someone had told me in advance. But since we have all been forewarned, I can see why some people will have problems with the movie. It talks about finding another Truth, questioning authority, and repressive ideologies. I am sure that most will find these themes to be an attack on Faith. But I saw it much differently. As a Christian who is aware of the “emerging” culture that we live in, I found God’s finger prints all over this film. Truth, questioning authority, and understanding repressive ideologies are some of the basic values of emerging Christianity. These issues are at the heart of finding new/forgotten aspects of God and new focal points for the Christian faith. Therefore, I suggest people look for God while watching this movie, instead for attacks on God. As for the kids...the PG13 rating says it all, keep the little ones at home. As far as the 13 and over crowd, it opens a great conversation about faith, God, truth, authority, and ideals. As for the books at could be purcased for kids, it wold be wise for parents to read before letting their kids do so. I have no doubt Pullman is an athesist. Athesim, dispite what they say, is a form of faith for which people of faith can still find God in their teaching.

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