Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Good Bye Sweet Friend

In an unforeseen and unfortunate turn of events, a travesty has just occurred. I may never be the same. While “caping” up my guitar with my Kyser capo,” the tension grew too great as her spring-loaded bar snapped thus ending her glorious life. She was better known as the “Freedom Capo.” Purchased in a crappy music store in Crawfordsville, IN over six years ago, she was not my first choice to purchase. Had her brother (the traditional black) been available I would have purchased him but fait prevented that from happening. The Universe brought her red, white, and blue color scheme into my life. We danced. We sang. We worshipped. We grew togther as musicians. Our time together was magical. We lead hundreds, maybe even thousands of songs before God and His people. There will never be another one like you. God bless your metallic soul. May you reign in the music accessories section of heaven forever and ever.

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Blake said...

Chad...I am not going to pretend that I know how you feel. To lose something with that many memories is a painful experience. I hope that you recover! Its kind of like a dog...you can buy a black one, but it will never be the same. Your blog is sweet!

Much love my friend,