Monday, December 03, 2007

Things to Keep in Mind for Hunting '08

The shotgun season for deer hunting has come and gone. Because I still have a doe tag to fill out I went out a few times since my buck but came up empty. I can still fill it out during the muzzle loading season but I have yet to fire my gun. I’m not sure if I should or will hunt deer any more this year.

Here are a few things I should keep in mind for next year:
• It might be better to hunt for does on another property instead of the Delph’s. That woods is next to a field that is always plowed before the hunting season. Look for new spot next to a food source.
• Buy a blind to hunt in. The hunt in KY made me a little fearful of tree stands. I’m still comfortable with ladder stands. A blind would offer more flexibility to hunt different places plus others could hunt with me.
• Do some tree trimming. Both the stands I hunted out of needed to have a few small trees and limbs removed to improve visibility.
• Do some target shooting in the summer/early fall. I need to find the range of my guns.

By the way, I made deer sausage for the first time. How redneck is that. Hummm…deer sausage.

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