Monday, October 24, 2005

Heading to East TN #2

I had a great start to my drive to East TN. I woke up early and was out of Mom and Dad’s by 6:00. I flew through Louisville & Lexington, KY and stopped for gas in Corbin. The weather is getting cooler. I’m concerned the clothes I brought will not be warm enough. Plus, sleeping in a tent in cold weather is not the best situation. It looks like rain from hurricane Wilma will barely miss East TN but a strong wind surge from the south might make my week very wet. The highlight of my day was an older lady working at Arby’s. I sat down to eat and she brought me a fresh order of fries. I told her I already had mine but she said those were cold thus, giving me new fries for nothing. That made me smile. It felt odd passing up all the Knoxville exits. Even more odd was passing the JBC exit. For the first time I had no need to stop by. Had I know the location of Grandpa William’s homestead I would have attempted to find it. I grew tired of driving the interstate so I took a back way on TN St R 11E. Johnson City is a beautiful place. It’s more in the mountains then Knoxville. I drove through the campus of East Tennessee State University. I found Ruben & Emily’s apartment with little problems thanks to the GPS. They have a nice apartment that’s perfect for a newly wed couple. Ruben & I went out for supplies. I needed packs of Snicker candy bars. Thanks Ruben and Emily for putting me up for the night and for a killer pizza.

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