Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lame but Foolish Not To

Three weeks ago a small group of us from church play at a community festival for a variety show (see pic in bio). We were the equivalent of Paul Schaffer & Kevin Eubanks. We played four covers and two patriotic songs for people to sing along. Someone from the high school saw us and asked if we would play at a school dance in just a few weeks. I've been scrambling to get a song list together that I could musically and vocally pull off which was no easy task. I know hundreds of worship songs by heart but only a handful of tunes that students would dance to. I stayed in the office late last night to knock out the final set list. We will have a short practice tonight and the dance is on Friday. It will good to get things over with. The $50 I'm getting is a joke considering the amount of time I've had to put in but at least this project has got me out of the "praise chorus" rut I've been in for the late five years. It’s somewhat lame that a 28 year old guy is playing at a school dance but when a youth minister is asked to do something for the school it would have been foolish to pass up.

For a good laugh check out www.cbs.com/latenight/lateshow/dave_tv/ls_dtv_comedy_clips.shtml
then click on Biff Hangs With the American Chopper Guys (09/19/05). (An appreciation for David Letterman and the show American Chopper would be helpful.)

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