Saturday, January 14, 2006

Another Dance Down

It’s fairly late, watching the musical guest of Conan O’Brian doing something that should not be done. A guy is rapping using both a classical and Martin acoustic guitar. Who am I to stay is shouldn’t be done but it just seems odd. The middle school dance was tonight. Things went well. In fact, things went better than what I had originally thought. I haven’t asked any students what they thought but the night’s favorite song was “Stacy’s Mom.” They danced far more than what I had anticipated. On the way home I thought of a good way to close out a show that reflects my faith without being to much of a preacher. “Peace be with you. Have a good night.” Those who are use to hearing “May be peace of Christ be with you” would understand. Those who do not hear it would not be offended. One of the best things that happen tonight was that between the music sets I walked around to interact with students. I even did the YMCA. It’s unfortunate that Christians have been labeled as “fuddy duddies” that are strictly forbidden to in engage in any forms of fun. Maybe doing events like this can help change that stereotype.