Sunday, January 22, 2006

eC Value #1

The first value of the emergent Christian (eC) is the commitment to God in the way of Jesus.

According to, an eC is committed to doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God, as the Scriptures teach. They live by the Great Commandment: love God and their neighbors – including those who might be considered the least of these” or enemies. The gospel is centered in Jesus and his message of the Kingdom of God, a message of reconciliation with God and among humanity. The eC seeks to be formed spiritually in the way of Christ, to learn historic Christian spiritual practices, and to use them for the development of character, integrity, and virtue which flow from true communion with God. They view themselves as a part of the historic Christian faith, therefore humbly learn and to initiate learning in other forms of Christianity. While doing so, they give priority to love over knowledge, while still valuing knowledge. Their efforts are not to prove themselves to be right (or the other brother/sister to be wrong) but to engage in respectful, thoughtful, sacred conversation about God, world, and church.

I identify with this eC value on multipliable fronts: Kingdom of God (present, past, and future), learning from others forms of Christians, and the desire to reach out to engage in respectful dialog. I find giving love priority over knowledge to be most beautiful. I can be quit ugly, even ferrous, when presenting my knowledge in the company of those with a different point of view. Respect and listening are great weaknesses of mine.

“Commitment to God in the way of Jesus” can mean many things. “Ways” can go in many different directions. But at this point in my life, I find this eC value to be the closet description of myself. At times this creates some tension between myself and others within my tradition but I will have to learn how to place love over knowledge.

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