Sunday, January 15, 2006

Good Stuff

I just finished listening a pod-cast interview with Brain McLaren. I love listening to that guy. Humility gushes from him spirit and worthy of emulation. His words make me laugh and think. Some examples…
• I find that hardcore Calvinist give me the greatest amount of criticism. Who can blame them? They are frustrated with the rest of the Christian community because they think their theology and their understanding of the Bible is dead on and wonder why everyone else doesn’t jump on board.
• I once read a quote from NT Wright that said the greatest hermeneutic is love.
• Sometimes I think we over analyze the NT author’s written work. Image if people five hundred years in the future read one of my letters and began to analyze a phrase and began building a theology on just that one phrase.
• The God that actually exists must always be greater than the language we use to describe God. This gives us permission to doubt the way we speak about God as an act of faith and that the real God would have to be better than the way we are describing Him. God must be greater than the concepts of God that I have.
I thank God for living in this time and place in His story. Thought I feel isolated in thought and belief, encouragement is just a click or IM away. Expanding one’s

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