Tuesday, January 24, 2006

eC Value #3

The third value of the eC is a commitment to God’s World.

Once again, I refer to http://www.emergentvillage.com/ as the basis of this value. A term that is often used in the eC circles is “missional.” From what I have learned, the eC believes they have mission from God and they will go unto the world to do accomplish this mission. They are not isolated from the world but embrace the fact that they are apart of it. They seek to pass the faith to their own generation and to the next. They see the church as a benefit to the world at large. Therefore, they do not seek to be blessed to the exclusion of everyone else but rather the benefit of everyone else. They see the earth and all it contains as God’s beloved creation, and so join God in seeking its good, healing, and blessing.

This values causes the eC to build relationships with neighbors and to seek the good of their neighborhoods and cities. They seek reconciliation with enemies and make peace. They encourage and cherish younger people and to honor and learn from older people. They honor creation and to cherish and heal it. They build friendships across racial, ethnic, economic, and other boundaries. They are more apt to be involved in issues and causes of peace and justice.

I identify with this eC value on several points. I have always had a fondness of God’s creation. Backpacking and hunting have taught me to respect and enjoy that which has been created. My heart for ministry is with the next generation and for my own. I see one of my functions in ministry is to be their voice (unfortunately I think that voice gets me into trouble). To use the words of a well known preacher, “the church is the hope of the world.” Our ability to connect with a confused world is the only hope they have for true peace.

Of the eC values, this is the one I have the greatest weakness. I could state my weakness here but I’d rather get busy learning about the mission that I’ve been called to do. Harping on the weaknesses does very little to add strength.

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