Saturday, January 21, 2006

Defining Emergent

The term “emergent” has been apart of my vocabulary for likely four years. I frequently visit emergent sites, read (or partially read) a couple of emergent books, and even attended an emergent convention. I should be able to tell you what emergent actually is but it would be difficult. I know how emergent looks, sounds, and acts but I’m not sure what it is.

One of the web sites that I frequently visit is It has several links to churches, blogs, leaders, and resources devoted to the emergent conversation. I’ve likely glances over every page but never given careful consideration to its contents. A few nights ago did.

Like most emergent material, I identified with what it was saying. I felt “at home” with its core beliefs and desired to know more. Therefore, in a effort to better understand, I will give some attention to four core values of emergent: commitment to God in the way of Jesus, commitment to the Church in all it’s forms, commitment to God’s World, and commitment to one another.

Hopefully my efforts will produce a clearer definition to explain to others. And if nobody cares to ask, I’ll at least have a better understanding for myself.

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