Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Christian Students and Homosexuality

I spend most of yesterday studying the subject of homosexuality. I’m planning a three week teaching series on the subject for Wednesday Night Youth Meetings. This might be the most difficult subject I have ever navigated in my teaching. It is difficult because there may be gay students listening to my talks and I want to provide more hope than condemnation. My hope is to lay a foundation of compassion and convection; compassion for those that struggle and convection that scripture, therefore God, can not endorse homosexuality. The catch phrase I created is, “God loves homosexuals but they can not be fully bless by God.” (I’m not completely sold on that…it’s not very catchy…but that’s what I have so far). I’ve referred to many resources about the subject. The internet is loaded with pro-gay Christian theology. The resources I have been using are more emerging in theology that express compassion over the need to be right. These resources include Speaking My Mind by Tony Campolo, Helping the Struggling Adolescent by Dr. Les Parrott III, the 11/11/06 podcast taught by friend Todd Burkholder of the Purdue Christian Campus House, the 10/9/06 teaching taught by Greg Pinkner of the Fellowship Evangelical Free Church in Knoxville, TN, and above all else…the Bible. Any insight or other suggested resources would be greatly appreciated.

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