Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tony Dungy

As a fan of the Colts, I was hoping Tony Dungy would remain the head coach. As a Christian, I was hopping he would resign. His very public message of putting family first doesn’t’ seem to match with his actions. His family moved for “private reasons” back to Tampa, FL. After a week of prayer and family input, Tony Dungy will remain the head coach of the Colts with his family a 1,000 miles away. I’m still proud that the Colts have a Christian guy as the head coach. He’s great of the community and NFL. But I think his message has been slightly tampered.

Bob Kravitz of The Star had some interesting things to say. Read HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I know this is a month old now, but I stumbled upon your blog looking for pics of Tony Dungy. As a Colts fan and as a Christian I am glad he stayed. I personally, truly feel that with the Colts is where he needs to be for his ministry right now. He's not only reaching Colts fans spiritually but his young men on the team as well. He's changing lives that may have other wise not been changed. I don't get the whole thing about him not being a family man just because he is so far away. There are "fathers" in many homes WITH their children everyday who are not family men and certainly not fathers. It's not the quantity of time, it's the quality. I believe that if his family were to happen to need him, he'd be there at the drop of a hat-practice, game day, playoffs, whatever. As far as distance goes, it's really no different than families of soldiers in Iraq or fathers who travel alot for business...he just happens to be a football coach which is seen as a less important job. He's not just a coach, he has a very public ministry and that is just as important. Just my opinion.