Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Day with Doug Pagitt

I was reading Doug Pagitt’s blog two days ago where it mentioned an event in my hometown of Indianapolis. An Indiana based group know as The Center of Congregations, supported by the Lilly Endowment and unknown to me at the time, hosted a one day seminar. The cost was just $30 which included a free book and provided a lunch so I went for it. I’m glad I did. “Rich,” is the word that would describe my day.

Here a few random quotes that grabbed me from Pagitt’s presentation…

• “There is no privileged time in history for the Gospel. Change is a reality of all history.”

• “The pew might not be full but the leadership positions might be.”

• “Churches don’t discipline people. People discipline the Church…by not showing up.”

On a side note that had nothing to the educational component of the day, I was blown away by the number of ministry connections I had with the other attendees. Starting with some people at my table; Jim Teller, a former minister at the Vineyard church in Bloomington, likely the same church my friend Lucas once lead worship at. Then there was a Mrs. N. Cooper that had a family connection with the Hooker family in the community of Francesville. I ran into a youth minister, Kevin, which I meet at an ICYC meeting. I meet a minister named Rick form Martinsville that had connections to AICM. He pointed out another guy named Terry who is a board member at AICM (one of my elders is also a board member). Finally, a presenter a the ’06 Core of YS was present. I honestly thought I would know no one at this event. It was refreshing to see our paths connect.

A lot was said today. I'll likely be thinking and blogging about some of the things I walked away with. It was a great day.

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